Finding the right therapist can be bewildering and you may be wondering if therapy is for you and what kind of person you would like to talk to. 


Perhaps you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or alone. Talking through your current difficulties with an empathetic professional will help.  With support you can become better able to cope with present life events such as bereavement, relationships or redundancy. You may be feeling that the time is right for you to tackle some old issues or simply ready to make some changes.  Wherever you are we will use the first free session to talk this through and decide where and how to begin.   

I am a Psychodynamic therapist which means I work in a way that encourages you to think about your past and the unconscious processes and core attachments that shape who you are and how you feel today.  By tuning in to your feelings and concerns I provide a safe space for you to explore traumas and painful experiences giving valuable insight into your present day life. 


Using the relationship between us as our primary tool, we will explore the patterns and defenses that you have developed over time to cope with distress, and bring about better self understanding and resolution of inner conflict. 

We will meet weekly at the same agreed time for as long as you need or for a pre-arranged number of weeks.